CPSA International Exhibition

This annual gallery exhibition is exclusively for works done in 100% colored pencil. It offers over $15,000 in cash awards, including a prestigious Best of Show and CIPPY Award. The accepted artwork is usually on display at the gallery for one or two months during the summer, and award winners are featured at the CPSA website.

Each year, the show is held in a different city to give more people the opportunity to enjoy colored pencil as a fine art medium. The annual CPSA convention also takes place near the gallery during this period.

Dec 15–Mar 31

Gallery / juried

2–8 weeks
Convention last week of July

Gylling BFFsSaveTheElephants 2017
BFFs—Save the Elephants, Gemma Gylling, CPSA
Best of Show and CIPPY Award
2017 CPSA International Exhibition