Information for Current CPSA Members

Plan ahead to renew your membership

  • The CPSA membership year runs from November 1 to the following October 31.
  • To avoid having your membership benefits suspended, please renew between September 1 and October 31 for the new membership year beginning November 1.
  • All important dates and details are available on the Renew Your Membership page.

Updating your member contact information or adding/changing your personal website

  • Please keep CPSA informed if you move, add a new personal art website, or change your phone number, email address, or web address.
  • Click on the button below to notify our Membership director about any changes:

CPSA logo for member use

Support CPSA by adding the logo below to your personal art website and link it to We greatly appreciate our members helping to spread the word about CPSA. Only current members are authorized to display this logo.

To download or copy the logo, either right-click, control-click, or command-click with your mouse, and save the file to your hard drive.

What if you miss a CPSA mailing due to a move?

Because CPSA is a nonprofit organization, it uses Bulk Mail to keep down postage costs. Undeliverable Bulk Mail is not forwarded or returned to CPSA, so you will receive no further mailings until you notify CPSA about your address change. For this reason it is very important to notify CPSA when you move. If you miss a mailing because CPSA did not have your new address, you can purchase the item from the CPSA website or request a free PDF version of the item you missed by contacting the Membership director as instructed on the Free to Members page on the CPSA website.

Member-only items available for purchase

As a CPSA current member (which means your membership dues for the current membership year are up to date), you may purchase a number of items available only to CPSA members, including:

  • Past issues of the CPSA full-color news magazine To The Point
  • CPSA Lightfastness Workbook
  • CPSA printed membership directory

These items can be purchased from the Shop CPSA section on this website.

Items that are free to members

Current CPSA members have access to several items at no charge that are delivered by email. Because we need to verify your membership status, you must request the items by following the instructions for each on the Free to Members page. You can request:

  • PDF files of some back issues of To The Point
  • PDF file of the CPSA Membership Directory
  • PDF file of Lightfastness Test Results in a list format
Order through this website and support CPSA