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"The Sisters" 14.375 x 29.75 inches
cjworleinportrait 2009
CJ Worlein (OR)

CJ Worlein - 2011 CIPPY Winner
19th Annual International Exhibition

The winner of the 2011 CIPPY award is CJ Worlein, recent past president of the DC Chapter 201 in Portland, Oregon. CJ’s story of coming to prominence in the art field is a story familiar to many of us – childhood interest in art, some training in art early in life, and then setting that interest aside for a number of years while pursuing a living.

CJ remembers drawing on almost anything available as a child including envelopes saved by her grandmother for that purpose. She had the childlike belief that drawing was just something that everyone liked to do. Her family was very creative both in music and art. She remembers her father drawing caricatures, her mother playing piano and organ, and both her parents sang. CJ inherited their musical interest and talent, and pursued a music career. She sang in coffee houses at 16, and in her late teens was recruited into a rock band that recorded two albums.

Drawing portraits has a special interest for CJ and, as her winning artwork demonstrates, she has a particular talent for this. She says that the eyes are especially important to her and they are her first focus. The rest of the portrait must wait until she is completely satisfied that the eyes are perfectly rendered. She also is partial to working large as that allows for great attention to detail. Her goal is realism in her work, but her technique allows for the viewer to realize that the medium used is colored pencil. She compares this with “seeing brush strokes in an oil painting.”

After trying several different papers and boards for her working surface, she is currently using 100% rag, acid-free, cold press illustration board. She likes to have her easel set so that she can work vertically. She has enough room in her working area to move the easel around and step back from it frequently to view the artwork from a distance. As she nears completion of her work she photographs it in order to further test how the contrasts and colors are working.

CJ counts her artwork as part of the legacy that she is establishing for herself and those important to her. She once heard a speaker talk about motivations and needs that humans have. Four of those needs are to live, to love, to learn and to leave a legacy. CJ is certainly on that journey.

“The Sisters,” the winning artwork created by CJ certainly demonstrates all of these life needs. The image is of CJ and her three sisters as they gathered in one of their homes to create a supportive atmosphere as one sister was going through a difficult transition period. She says, “I wanted our heads touching because it reflects to me just how close we are.”

Congratulations, CJ, on your winning artwork.



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