Shipping Instructions for 25th International show - Bethesda, MD


Congratulations to the 120 artists whose work has been selected to appear in the CPSA 25th Annual International Exhibition at The Mansion at Strathmore in North Bethesda, MD.

See the complete list of artists and selected artwork for the exhibition

Download the shipping instructions (PDF)

NOTE: Artwork MUST be shipped via UPS (United Parcel Service) to the cartage company ONLY. Do not ship to the gallery or hotel.


 Important Dates and Deadlines

·        May 10 is the date the $81 cartage fee must be paid through the CPSA website or a check received by CPSA.  (Mailing address for checks is in the shipping instructions.)

·        May 22 to June 2 is the window during which the cartage company must receive your artwork.

·        Award winners will be notified between June 23 and 25.

The collection of payments by CPSA and the UPS requirement were both necessary to reduce the original $131 cartage fee down to $81. Costs for services in Washington D.C. are higher than we've seen in previous years in other locations.

If you have questions about shipping your artwork after reading the shipping instructions, please contact our exhibitions director, Arlene Weinstock.



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