FAQs-District Chapters

Q: What is a district chapter?

A: Each chapter is a self-governing group of CPSA members that operates to promote colored pencil art within its own area. By promoting camaraderie and education locally, the chapters provide additional opportunities for their members and help CPSA by attracting new members. CPSA members are free to join one or more of over 25 district chapters around the country. Although CPSA and the district chapters offer some of the same services (exhibitions, workshops, etc.), they operate at different levels. The focus of CPSA is on the entire membership and the art public at large. The district chapters, on the other hand, focus on members and events in their local areas.

Q: How can I join a district chapter?

A: In order to join a local chapter, you must first be a member of the national organization. You may then join any one or more chapters, regardless of where you live. It is, however, up to you to contact the particular chapter(s) that you wish to join. You can find the current list on the CPSA website.

Q: How can I start a district chapter in my area?

A: Click here for some basic information about starting a chapter. then if you wish to proceed, contact our district chapter development director for assistance and additional instructions. You will need at least 5 people who are members of CPSA to begin the process. Please remember that in order for a chapter to thrive, it will require a committed group of several times that number.

Q: Why do I have to join the "national organization" when I am already a member of a local chapter?

A: CPSA is a non-profit corporation that serves as the legal umbrella under which the district chapters operate. In that capacity, CPSA is able to provide credibility for the entire organization on a broader scale, gain attention for colored pencil art, present conventions and exhibitions, and encourage manufacturers to produce better products. Although they may not realize it, all colored pencil artists benefit from the efforts of CPSA to bring attention to and improve the reputation of our favorite medium.

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