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Shinji Harada, CPSA

Winner of the CIPPY Award at the
18th Annual CPSA Exhibition

Shinji Harada is the 2010 Winner of the 18th Annual International CPSA Exhibition. Shinji is no stranger to winning awards as he has appeared on our awards lists several times. He was awarded Signature Member Status in 2009 at our 17th International Exhibition in Atlanta, Georgia.

Mr. Harada lives in Yokohama, Japan and is one of 4 members of CPSA from that country. When asked to provide information for this article, he replied that his command of the English language is limited, so he asked that his English be "adjusted" when using his comments.

As with most colored pencil artists, one of the questions we are asked the most often is "how many hours did that take?." Shinji replied that "Grapes in a Basket," this year's winning entry, took about 200 hours to complete.

He likes to draw a variety of subject matter. Whether it is a portrait, a still life, an animal or figure, he likes to place them in pleasant surroundings. His hope is to "charm" the viewer and bring to them the delight that he feels.

Shinji states that he has been using colored pencils since his childhood and he has been intrigued with what he can achieve in this medium.

He has been exhibiting his colored pencil artwork in Japan and held his first of 10 solo shows in 1997. He has taught and lectured about colored pencil over the years and hopes that he has brought interest in the medium to his audiences. Mr. Harada seems indeed to be prolific in his creation of beautifully executed colored pencil artwork as evidenced by the photos which he has provided of this year's solo show at a Yokohama gallery .


2010 - "Grapes in a Basket" - CIPPY Award and CPSA Best of Show Award
2009 - "Quilt with Peaches - Award for Excellence
2007 - "Kilt with Pears" - The Chartpak Award for Excellence
2006 - "Scenery on the Desk"


Written by Kay Dewar with input from Shinji Harada

at the Minatomirai Gallery
in Yokohama, JAPAN

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gallery - view 2

gallery - view 3
Mr. Harada speaking to the gallery crowd

gallery - view 4 gallery - view 5

Christmas at the Gallery
Christmas at Minatomirai Gallery, Yokohama

Shinji Harada, CPSA - Artwork

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Images are (top to bottom):
"Grapes in a Basket" - 26.7 x 18.8 inches
"Quilt with Peaches" - 18.5 x 13 inches
"Quilt with Pears" - 14 x 10.5 inches

All artwork ©Shinji Harada
do not use without
written permission of the artist


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