from the CPSA 8th International Exhibition • Birmingham, MI

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Varma artwork
"Bamboo" - artwork by Maggie Toole "Reflections" - artwork by Laura Ospanik

Sanford Award for
Exceptional Merit ($1000)

Pillars Within
Jay Varma (India)

CPSA Award for
Exceptional Merit ($1000) and
CIPPY Trophy

Maggie Toole, CPSA (CA)

Bruynzeel Award for
Exceptional Merit ($1000)

Laura Ospanik (WA)


"The Sweetest Taboo" - artwork by Thomas Thayer, Jr "The Artist as Woodcutter" - artwork by James Mateer "Skyscraper" - by Anita Orsini

Derwent Fine Art Pencil Award for Outstanding Recognition
The Sweetest Taboo
Thomas M. Thayer, Jr. (WA)

A.W. Faber-Castell USA Award
The Artist as Woodcutter
James Mateer, CPSA (OH)


Lyra Award for Outstanding Recognition
Anita Orsini (FL)

"Great Expectations III" - artwork by Sharon Tietjen-Pratt "Red Barn Antiques" - artwork by Cecile Baird "Little Red Rivals" - artwork by Sylvester Hickmon, Jr.

The Rockport Publishers, Inc. Award
Great Expectations III
Sharon Tietjen-Pratt, CPSA (WA)

The Artist's Magazine Award
Red Barn Antiques
Cecile Baird (OH)

Walter Foster Publishing Award
Little Red Rivals
Sylvester Hickmon, Jr. (SC)

"Behind Bryggen" - artwork by Pamela Belcher "Shadow" - artwork by Edna Henry "Shadow Still Life #1 - artwork by Janie Gildow

CPSA District Chapter #104 Detroit Award
Behind Bryggen (Bergen Norway)
Pamela Belcher (WA)

CPSA District Chapter #108 Memphis Award
Edna Henry, CPSA (OR)

The Jack L. Ivey, Jr. Memorial Award
Shadow Still Life No. 1
Janie Gildow, CPSA (AZ)

"Too Many Irons" - artwork by Pauline Braun


"The Red Ribbon Mask" - artwork by Monique Passicot

"The Look" - artwork by Wendy Lane

The Sieminski Excellence in Colored Pencil Award
Too Many Irons in the Fire
Pauline Braun (Canada)

Friends of CPSA Award
The Red Ribbon Mask
Monique Passicot (CA)

Friends of CPSA Award
The Look
Wendy B. Lane (WA)


  "American Dinnertime" - artwork by Kathryn Conwell  


Friends of CPSA Award
American Dinnertime
Kathryn Conwell (OK)



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