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Exhibition Dates
February 1, 2010 through
January 31, 2011


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ET6 Award Donors

Platinum Donors - $2000
Sanford Prismacolor (Patron)

Gold Donors - $1000
Colored Pencil Society of America
Family and Friends of Sharon Tietjen

Silver Donors - $500
Legion Paper (Patron)

Bronze Donors - $300
Derwent Fine Art Pencils (Patron)
Canson Inc. (Patron)
Chartpak, Inc. (Patron)
Staedtler, INC. (Patron)
Jack Richeson & Co.

Friends of CPSA Donors
DC 103 Chicago, IL
DC 104 Detroit, MI
DC 107 Atlanta, GA
DC 108 Memphis, TN
DC 109 Metro Washington DC
DC 113 Gainesville, FL
DC 115 Wilkes Barre, PA
DC 119 Greater Cincinnati, OH
DC 201 Portland, OR
DC 202 San Diego, CA
DC 210 San Francisco, CA
DC 212 Phoenix, AZ
DC 214 Los Angeles, CA
DC 215 Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
DC 221 Oklahoma City, OK


The EXPY Best of Show Award and the Prismacolor Award ($2000)
"Above and Below" by Ester Roi (CA)
Ester Roi Meet the Artist

The CPSA Great Explorations Award for Exceptional Merit ($1500)
"Cruets" by Eileen Nistler, CPSA (WY)

Eileen Nistler Meet the Artist


The CPSA District Chapters Award for Exceptional Merit ($1225)
"Reaching Out to the Other Side" by Linda Lucas Hardy, CPSA (TX)

Linda Lucas Hardy, CPSA Meet the Artist


The Sharon Tietjen Memorial Award for Exceptional Merit ($1000)
"Melk Abbey" by Catherine Gauldin (TX )

Catherine Gauldin Meet the Artist


The Felissimo Award for Outstanding Recognition ($660 value)
"Crane's Eye View" by Patsy Lindamood (FL)

Patsy Lindamood Meet the Artist



The Legion Paper Award for Outstanding Recognition ($500 value)
"Rocks and Minerals" by Sue de Learie Adair

Sue deLearie Adair Meet the Artist


The Derwent Fine Arts Pencils Award for Excellence ($350)
"Cooperation" by Melissa Miller Nece, CPSA (FL)

Melissa Miller Nece, CPSA Meet the Artist


The Canson Paper Award for Excellence ($300 value)
"Caffeine & Color" by Al Vesselli

Al Vesselli Meet the Artist


The Chartpak Award for Excellence ($300 value)
"After the Storm" by Jenn Falcon

Jenn Falcon Meet the Artist


The Staedtler Award for Excellence ($300 value)
"Chrissy, No. 3 (34 weeks)" by John Smolko, CPSA (OH)

John Smolko, CPSA Meet the Artist



The Jack Richeson & Co. Award for Excellence ($300 value)
"Genealogy" by Eileen Sorg, CPSA (WA)

Eileen Sorg,CPSA Meet the Artist