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Barbara Grazul Hubbard

Exhibition Dates
February 1, 2010 through
January 31, 2011

Ms. Hubbard is the Creative Director of The Right Brain Workshop, specializing in visual communication, and is a professor of graduate study in higher education and administration at Argosy University in Tampa.

Barbara conducts workshops and presentations that encourage students, faculty, administrators, and career professionals to engage in creative problem solving. She is an artist, arts educator and university professor. Barbara and her husband John, reside in Dunedin, Florida where her fine art concentration on printmaking and print collage keeps her creatively engaged in her studio and actively involved in the Tampa Bay Arts Community.

Barbara has served as juror many times, including the 43rd, 44th and 45th Annual Art Harvest show in Dunedin, FL, the City of Largo art show, the 32nd Annual Tarpon Springs Festival, the 17th Annual Cool Art Show and the Out of the Blue Art Show. Her illustrations have appeared in many publications.


I was so impressed by the entries that I spent days going over the visuals again and again. This was a very challenging and difficult decision. The works were fabulous! I was intrigued by the use of new media together with colored pencil -- that's how I ultimately arrived at my final decisions.

I enjoyed viewing all the entries; and while I am very familiar with the media, I was amazed by the use of papers, solvents and new techniques that have enhanced many of the awarded images. I read with interest the descriptions by the artists using combined media along with colored pencil and was astonished by their results!

I found the work to be very well represented, and the quality was outstanding for all submissions. I narrowed the awards down using several factors and assigned each a  numerical score:


-the concept and the use of media
-the execution/handling of the media
-the quality and composition of the visual

The range of scores went from 100 (Best) to many artists scoring in the 90's and high 80's.

When I proceeded to tally up the highest eleven, I found that I had over twenty scores ranked -- so, eleven winners was too small a number for this group and nearly impossible to decide!

I feel that these eleven artists best represent the range of visual excellence that can be achieved through the mastering of colored pencil along with various other media. I'm proud of the variety of the awarded images as well. I looked for clarity of imagery and of color along with expressiveness and unique compositional design and focus...I hope your members agree with my assessment.