Jeff George - 2009 Featured Artist

Jeff George, CPSA

Winner of the CIPPY Award at the
17th Annual CPSA Exhibition

Jeff George, CPSA, has again topped himself and has won the Best of Show Award at the 17th Annual. As noted in last year's Featured Artist posting, Jeff has a nearly perfect record in show acceptances with CPSA and has won an award in each of these exhibitions. CPSA is pleased to again present Jeff George, CPSA as our newest Featured Artist.

Rather than repeat last year's biography of Jeff, I would like to feature his FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) regarding this specific piece of art. Because his work is so detailed and intricate, questions revolve around time to execute and how the composition comes into being.

Life and Death FAQ's - provided by Jeff George

Q: How long did it take to produce Life and Death?
A: 385 hrs over an 8.5 month period (approx 1.66 hours per day).

Q: Is your signature a stamp of some sort, or is it produced by hand?
A: By hand. It takes about an hour.

Q: Do you know anyone in the crowd?
A: No, though there is one I’m sure to meet.

Q: Why isn’t there any background?
A: I didn’t want to tie the figures to a specific location. I wanted it to feel like it could be anywhere.

Q: Where was your reference taken?
A: In a busy crosswalk outside of a Comic Book Convention in San Diego CA.

Q: Did you work from multiple photos?
A: Yes, two. Essentially the left and right halves of the piece. Though there were also several figures omitted, repositioned, re sized, recolored and altered to fit my composition.

Q: Was there really a Grim Reaper in the crowd?
A: Not exactly. There was a hooded figure in my reference (possibly a licensed film character) which I modified to fit my concept.

Q: Are there any “Easter eggs” or hidden items within the piece?
A: Yes, there is one. Some people find it, others don’t. (Hint: tear oh)

Q: Are you insane?
A: Not clinically

More of Jeff’s artwork can be seen at his website,


CPSA International Shows
2009 - "Life and Death" - CIPPY Award and CPSA Best of Show
2008 - "Empty Nest" - CIPPY Best of Show and Staedtler Award
2007 - "Perpetual" - The Chicago IL DC 103 Award for Excellence
2006 - "Death Row" - The Strathmore Artist Papers Award for Excellence
2005 - "Butterfly" - Airfloat Strongbox Award for Outstanding Recognition
2003 - "Reticence" - Lyra Fine Art Pencil Award for Excellence

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2007 - " Baggage" - The Prismacolor Award for Exceptional Merit
2005 - "Western Sky" - The Detroit MI DC 104 Award for Excellence

Written by Kay Dewar with input from Jeff George, CPSA





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