ArtSpectations Spring 2014 - Judge

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Being asked to judge the ArtSpectations show is an incredible honor. As the outstanding artists uploaded their works, I have to admit my enthusiasm took over and I peeked before the entries closed at the end of May. The more I saw, the more nervous I became. The artistry, creativity and designs literally floored me. I realized that the job of judging was going to be much more difficult than I first thought.

So many of the drawings were worthy of being singled out. However, I was limited to one winner for signature and one winner for non-signature with 5 honorable mentions for each.

All of the drawings I eventually chose had several things that made them stand out among the excellent works. Each had very good composition, excellent lighting and values and all were executed beautifully. They also had something extra that made me stop and ponder or just stare. Something that took it out of being just a portrait, or still life, or scene on the street and transcended it into capturing the emotion of the moment.

Thank you to all of the fabulous artists who made my job so challenging. You are all winners.

Arlene Steinberg, CPSA, CPX, 1 year Merit award winner

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