National & District Chapters

Parent Organization: The Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA) is a nonprofit organization for colored pencil enthusiasts working to promote colored pencils as a fine art medium by sponsoring exhibitions and workshops, being involved in product research, and educating the public in general. The organization is managed by a governing board of 13 volunteers.

Because the interaction of members at the local level helps to attain those goals, CPSA decided to build a strong network of local chapters to benefit individual members as well as the society as a whole. CPSA serves as the legal entity under which these local chapters operate. CPSA is able to provide credibility for the entire organization and all colored pencil artists on a broader scale, gain attention for colored pencil art in major art magazines, present the annual convention and exhibition in different parts of the country, and encourage manufacturers to produce better products.

District Chapters: Each chapter is a self-governing group of CPSA members that operates to promote colored pencil art within its own area. By promoting camaraderie and education locally, the chapters provide additional opportunities for their members and help CPSA by attracting new members. CPSA members are free to join one or more of almost 30 District Chapters around the country.

Although CPSA and the District Chapters offer some of the same services (exhibitions, workshops, etc.), they operate at different levels. The focus of CPSA is on the entire membership and the art public at large. The District Chapters, on the other hand, focus on members and events in their local areas.

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